Traveland USA RV Mall Will Close

Posted on 20 March 2012

Traveland USA is one of the first shops in USA for RVs and fixtures and services related to them. But according to the latest reports coming in, this historic mall which has been serving RV fanatics for more than 4 decades will not close down for good.

OTraveland USA RV Mall Will Closewned and run by The Irvine Co. the Traveland USA will be shot down after the company decided to not lengthen the lease on the 38-acr lot, which has been occupied by Traveland USA at the Sand Canyon Avenue at I-5 freeway since 1973.

We haven’t heard anything from the owners of the Traveland USA, and the chances of Traveland continuing as a business is also not clear. Traveland USA was constructed around a theme of frontier-days and was pretty much like a family purpose as it was an RV mall. So we are pretty sure that not only the RV fanatics, but also the families who visited there will miss the Traveland USA.

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